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Women's Wavy Edge Big Brim Straw Hat Korean Travel

$14.83 USD
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Wave Straw Hat Beige
Wave Straw Hat Milky White
Wave Straw Hat Khaki
Wave Straw Hat Nude Pink
Wave Straw Hat Rose Red
Wave Straw Hat Navy Blue
Big Brim Straw Hat Beige
Big Brim Straw Hat Milky White
Big Brim Straw Hat Nude Pink
Big Brim Straw Hat Khaki
Big Brim Straw Hat Navy Blue
Black And White Rope Beige
Black White Milk White
Black And White Rope Navy Blue
Black And White Rope Nude Pink
Black And White Rope Khaki
Grass Ring Beige
Grass Ring Milky White
Grass Ring Navy Blue
Grass Ring Nude Pink
Grass Ring Leather Pink
Grass Ring Rose Red
Grass Ring Brown
Lace Straw Hat Beige
Lace Straw Hat Milky White
Lace Straw Hat Khaki
Lace Straw Hat Nude Pink
Lace Straw Hat Navy Blue
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Product information:
Pattern: Monochrome
Color: wave straw hat-beige, wave straw hat-milky white, wave straw hat-khaki, wave straw hat-nude pink, wave straw hat-Rose Red, wave straw hat-navy blue, big brim straw hat-beige, big brim straw hat-milky white, big brim straw hat-nude pink, big brim straw hat-khaki, big brim straw hat-navy blue, black and white rope-beige, black and white rope-milky white, black and white rope-navy blue, black and white rope-nude pink, black and white rope-khaki, grass ring-beige, grass ring-milky white, grass ring-navy blue, grass ring-nude pink, grass ring-skin pink, grass ring-Rose Red, grass ring-Brown, lace straw hat-beige, lace straw hat-milky white, lace straw hat-khaki, lace straw hat nude pink-, lace straw hat-navy blue
Processing Method: Satin
Crown style: Dome
Suitable for people: Ladies
Size: M(56-58cm)
Material: Straw
Popular elements: Flowers
Hat brim shape: Fungus
Applicable scenarios: Outdoor
Hat brim: 8cm
Hat depth: 18cm
Dome diameter: 25cm

Packing list:
Hat * 1 piece

Product Image: